furnishedbeachrent-03Since the creation of Furnished Beach Rent, we have been helping people rent, sell and buy beach property in the Miami area and we have made all of our clients as happy as they can be given the market and its fluctuations. However, we believe that it is best to let them speak for themselves and this is where you can hear exactly what they have to say about us and the services that Furnished Beach Rent has provided for them.

Last year, our relatives were coming over from Scotland and we wanted to treat them to something really special. They were coming in June and they were staying until late August. Since we do not own beach property, we decided to rent some for the duration, a nice little house where we could all stay during their visit and where they can have the ultimate Miami experience. We went to Furnished Beach Rent to find the place for ourselves and they really came true. They did not try to sell us something that we did not want and they didn’t pull the whole “if you get it for longer period of time you will save money” sales pitch. They told us what they can do for us and after a day or two; they found us a perfect place. We loved it, our relatives loved it and we are sure that there are tons of people in Scotland listening all about how great Miami is thanks to Furnished Beach Rent.

Megan and Tom Thurmond

Furnished Beach Rent-06Me and my wife have been trying to sell our beach property in Miami for years and in the economy that has been present in the last few years, it is no wonder. However, after a while and about a dozen offers that were more jokes than anything else, we decided to check out real estate agencies and see who has the best offers and the best agents. In the end, we went with Furnished Beach Rent and we haven’t regretted it for a second. From the get go, it was apparent that we had made the right decision. The lady agent who came to see us took one good look at the property and told us that there are a few things that we can and should do if we want to get the price we were looking for. It costs us virtually nothing and it helped us get much better offers. In the end, we managed to sell our beach property for exactly the price we were looking for and we are to this day grateful to the Furnished Beach Rent agency for making it happen.

Gregory and Stephanie Dullard

If you want to buy a beach property in Miami, just ask for Furnished Beach Rent. They found me and my husband the most incredible little place just a few miles from the best part of Miami and we paid half the price, if anything. That is how every real estate agency should be working.

Joanne and Roger Dawkins

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How Furnished Beach Rent takes care of its clients

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Furnished Beach Rent – about us and our services

Furnished Beach Rent is an exciting real estate agency from Miami, Florida that specializes in a very specific type of property. Namely, we are helping people find the best possible beach property to rent out, but furnished completely. We are well aware that there are plenty of people who [...] Continue Reading…